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Miguel Alandia

Based on the experience of a network of partners who held different senior management positions in the past in small, medium and large organizations, Miguel Alandia founded ikigai point in January 2019. Our Mission is to support operative and strategic business processes by training, coaching and consulting in the areas of project management, cross cultural communication and renewable energy.

Our services are inspired and oriented by the vision of two related concepts: Japanese ikigai and New Work, developed by Frithjof Bergmann. They both address the purpose of our being (where we are) and doing (what we do). Based on these two concepts, we help you to reach your goals in a sustainable way improving both, satisfaction of involved stakeholders as well as forecast quality.

We support SME management as well as large project and organizations’ leaders spread over several locations worldwide. We invite you to contact us and jointly find out, what kind of support we can offer you: The workshops can be made either in groups or individually according customers’ needs. All activities are designed beforehand with the customer.

Since 1987 our staff has participated in leading positions in numerous projects in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe in water treatment, energy and automotive industry. Selected refferences:

  • Current Job: Large Hydropower Rehabilitation in Togo, 2 x 32,5 MW, Team Coaching, Customer Contact, introduction of new working methods
  • Project Management: Industrial steam power generation projects (turbosets) in biomass, concentrated solar power (CSP), ammonia plants, pulp&paper in South Korea, France, Netherlands, Brasil, Spain and Canada, among others.
  • Project Management: Miscellaneous automotive and energy industry projects with either technical or global project lead responsibility in sales, project execution, R&D with teams of up to 20 specialists worldwide.
  • Project participation: Workshop manufacturing, development, marketing, sales and execution for new plants and rehab hydropower projects within the range 10 kW … 770 MW p. unit.
  • Methods: Introduction of agile project management in an R&D organisation, lead and participation in several agile R&D projects
  • Feasibility study: Large scale mobile anaerobe sewage treating unit for a Biotechnology startup
  • Market study: Switchgear customer and product clustering Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru for a leading industrial technology global player
  • Market study: Customer and product clustering for an adult education centre

We will be pleased to listen, understand and present a solution proposal for your concrete task. Contact us today!


Miguel Alandia

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