Cross Cultural Communication

The phrase “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, attributed to Peter Drucker, gets it to the point: When we exclusively communicate via videoconferencing, chatrooms, feeds or mobile phones, which is pretty much the standard nowadays, we feel being economical in terms of time and ressources used, which is one important aspect and a broadly accepted strategy. Another important aspect is nevertheless the quality of communication: Every information exchange has a quality optimum at which the outcome vs. investment ratio is highest. Depending on what the purpose of the specific situation is, communication has to be either reliable, complete, proven, amusing or just thrilling. 

ikigai point offers all forms of support for your communication needs. All our services are offered as concultancy, training, coaching as well as roles embedded interimly in your organization in one-to-one sessions or workshops with teams of up to ten persons.

We’ll be pleased to meet you and introduce our selves in order to jointly find out, how we can support your business. Contact us! 

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